Geo-search streams are used to help you find tweets and Twitter conversations relevant to your brand that are happening in:

(A) your home country

(B) pre-set topic areas

(C) specific physical locations or regions

(D) private profiles or closed networks

(E) specific social networks


Geo-Search Streams allows you to track the Tweets and Twitter conversations happening around a specific geographical location or region. You can do that by the following process:

(1) Select a Twitter Stream and then Select Search

(2) Type in the Search term for your industry like books, fashion, etc.

(3) Go to Google Maps, enter the address which you want to track, and then right click on the exact location to copy the geocode.

(4) Paste the geocode next to the search terms in your Twitter search stream.

That’s it now you can track the Twitter conversations happening in the specific region for your industry.


This question is a part of the Hootsuite Platform Certification exam. You can get all the answers to the questions asked in this exam by visiting our Hootsuite Platform Certification exam answers page.

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