Google Digital Garage Module 4 Answers – Plan Your Online Business Strategy

This post contains answers to all the Check Your Knowledge questions and Quiz questions asked in the Google Digital Garage Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Module 4 – Plan Your Online Business Strategy.

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Google Digital Garage Module 4 – Plan your online business strategy Answers

This module has five lessons and a total of 5 Check your Knowledge Questions and 5 Quiz questions. The answers to these questions are provided below.

Google Digital Garage Module 4 Check Your Knowledge Answers

Lesson 1 – The benefits of an online strategy Answers

Q. – Sam Has Recently Decided To Launch An Online Fitness Coaching Service. He Has Registered A Domain Name And Set Up A Website, But Is Unsure Of How To Launch His Business Online In A Way That Will Help Him Grow Sustainably. Help Sam Create His Own Online Business Strategy, By Selecting The Correct Steps He Should Take.

Q.1 – What should his first step be?

(A) Define business goals

(B) Create an email template

(C) Find an investor

(D) Ask the bank for advice

Q.2 – What should his second step be?

(A) Launch a blog

(B) Hire an assistant

(C) Design a logo

(D) Write a mission statement

Q.3 – What should his third step be?

(A) Launch an advertising campaign

(B) Identify his USP

(C) Launch a newsletter

(D) Hire an accountant

Lesson 2 – Taking a Business Online Answers

Q. – Omar Owns A Stall Selling Handmade Cosmetics, And Wants To Launch An E-Commerce Site. He Has Lots Of Experience Selling His Products In Person At Markets, But Is Now Hoping To Reach More Customers Online. Can You Advise Omar On How To Make Both His Online And Offline Business Successful?

Q.1 – He should focus on duplicating his successful offline marketing efforts to an online audience

(A) True

(B) False

Q.2 – He should sell at a cheaper price on the website to attract more customers

(A) True

(B) False

Q.3 – He should identify his various online and offline audiences, and how best to engage them

(A) True

(B) False

Q.4 – He should consider paid online advertising as the sole means of promoting his business online

(A) True

(B) False

Lesson 3 – Understanding Customer Behaviour Answers

Q. – Holly Owns A Dance Studio. To Improve Sales Of Dance Classes, She Is Reviewing How Her Marketing Team Could Update The Company’s Online Presence. As Part Of The Rebrand, The Team Listened To Customer Feedback And Mapped Customer Journeys. They Identified Two Things Online Customers Generally Struggled With: Navigating The Website And Finding The Business’s Contact Information. Which Of The Brand’s Touchpoints Should Holly Modify To Help Address Her Customer’s Feedback?

(A) Website layout

(B) Instagram account

(C) Instructor’s blog

(D) Email marketing

Lesson 4 – How to Stand Out from the Competition Answers

Q. – Bobbi Owns A Protein Shake Company, Which Has Been Trading For 3 Years. Her Products Are Stocked In A Number Of Gyms, But The Company Has Not Seen Much Growth In Recent Months. Bobbi Would Now Like To Break Into The Online Market To Boost Product Sales. Which Of The Following Actions Should Bobbi Take To Identify Opportunities For Online Business Growth?

(A) Hire a Financial Planner

(B) Identify a USP

(C) Ship to new countries

(D) Build a SWOT analysis

(E) Distribute feedback forms to suppliers

(F) Review competitor websites

Lesson 5 – Using goals to improve business performance Answers

Q. – Ryan Has Written Some KPIs To Help His Fitness Centres Achieve The Business Goal Of “Improving Overall Client Satisfaction”. Review These Four KPIs. Which Do You Think Fit The Criteria Of Being Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant And Time-Bound?

(A) Ensure 80% of clients use the gym’s online system to book personal training appointments

(B) Increase how much money customers spend in the gym’s juice bar

(C) A score of 85% or more in the annual survey for the question ‘Would you recommend this gym to a friend?’

(D) Ensure 90% of new gym members book an induction session within the first two weeks of joining

Google Digital Garage Module 4 Quiz Answers

Q.1 – What is the first step in creating an online business strategy?

(A) Identifying business goals

(B) Understanding what the competition is doing

(C) Knowing the market

(D) Aligning goals to the strategy

Q.2 – What is the purpose of the ‘See, Think, Do, Care’ framework?

(A) To help determine a marketing strategy

(B) To help a business understand the customer journey online

(C) To help a business reach a global audience

(D) To give insight into specific customer groups

Q.3 – Why is optimising customer touchpoints online beneficial for businesses?

(A) It allows brands to add pop-up ads at every point of the customer journey, ensuring high visibility

(B) It gives businesses the opportunity to save money on online advertising

(C) It provides customers with value every time they come into contact with a brand, helping build trust

(D) It gives businesses an opportunity to collect more data from potential customers

Q.4 – Once you’ve worked out your Unique Selling Point (USP), how would you use it in a long-term online strategy?

(A) Incorporate it within marketing materials across all channels to help raise customer awareness

(B) Create an email campaign letting your customers know why you are unique

(C)Film a video explaining your unique selling point and send it to employees

(D) Create a press release and distribute it through your channels

Q.5 – What type of information can KPIs provide?

(A) Audience segmentation

(B) Long-term projections

(C) Financial viability

(D) Board decisions

About Google Digital Garage Module 4

The fourth module of the Google Digital Garage Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course helps you to plan out a strategy for building your presence online.

The first lesson The benefits of an online strategy explains how an online business can benefit from a business strategy, best practices when creating a business strategy, examples of common goals, and popular strategies to achieve them. The second lesson Taking A Business Online shows customer behaviours online, and how these overlap with offline behaviours, the “See, Think, Do, Care” framework, and how to use this to help understand the online customer journey, and how to group your audiences using audience segmentation. The third lesson Understanding Customer Behaviour explains what customer touchpoints are, how to map common online customer journeys, and how to identify customer touchpoints that generate business goals.

The fourth lesson How To Stand Out From The Competition explains how to identify what makes a business stand out in a busy marketplace, why Unique Selling Points (USPs) are important and how to construct them, and online tools available to help you research the competition. The fifth lesson Using Goals To Improve Business Performance explains why setting goals and KPIs is so important to online businesses, how to construct a KPI using the SMART framework, and how to analyse data gathered to help improve online marketing efforts.

The Check Your Knowledge section contains 5 questions for 5 lessons and the Quiz section contains 5 questions. The Check Your Knowledge questions are skippable but the Quiz questions cannot be skipped. You have to answer the Quiz questions correctly to start the next module.

Course Lessons

There are 5 lessons in this module of the course.

(1) The Benefits Of An Online Strategy.

(2) Taking A Business Online.

(3) Understanding Customer Behaviour.

(4) How To Stand Out From The Competition.

(5) Using Goals To Improve Business Performance.


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