Having a work phone is handy for letting customers know if there are any problems with their delivery, but Pixel 4a helps Del do so much more. Select each box and enter the correct missing word, then submit.

Some customers prefer to pay when their goods are delivered. Instead of having to count out a stack of bills, they can pay electronically. Pixel 4a is a secure point-of-sale that locks _______ between transactions and safely stores customer data.

Answer – automatically

Del doesn’t have to wait until he gets back to update delivery records. Google Drive comes pre-installed on Pixel 4a, so Del can update files and collaborate with colleagues wherever he is. When you upload files to Google Drive, they are stored in ________ data centers, keeping sensitive info out of the hands of attackers.

Answer – secure

And if the worst should happen and Del accidentally leaves his Pixel 4a somewhere? He can find or lock his Pixel, or erase data stored on it. Data stored in the cloud is still safe from attackers, yet accessible to him. Using his Google _________ Del can access Google Drive from any device.

Answer – Account


This question is from the “Pixel 4a: Protection” lesson from the Pixel 4a unit of the Google Pixel for Business course.

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