hno2 ionic or molecular?

Is NO2 (Nitrogen dioxide) Ionic or Covalent/Molecular?

Nitrite is a polyatomic ionpolyatomic ionA polyatomic ion, also known as a molecular ion, is a covalently bonded set of two or more atoms, or of a metal complex, that can be considered to behave as a single unit and that has a net charge that is not zero. Unlike a molecule, which has a net charge of zero, this chemical species is an ion. › wiki › Polyatomic_ionPolyatomic ion – Wikipedia that is held together by covalent bonds. The entire ion has a charge of minus one, making it able to bond ionically with other ions like hydrogen. So it has an ionic bond between the H and the NO2, but the N and the two O’s are held together by covalent bonds.

Is H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide) Ionic or Covalent/Molecular?

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