How do I change my BIGO ID?

How to Change Your Bigo ID

Step #1. Open BIGO LIVE app and tap your profile icon.

Step #2. Click the “Profile” photo and tap “Edit” button in the top right corner.

Step #3. Next fill in your profile information. You can change BIGO ID which is highlighted below. It is important to pick something simple because this is how other users find you and you cannot change it once it has been set.

Change Bigo Live Account ID:

Bigo live change account id service allows you to change your bigo live account id and recover it to the original numerical bigo id.
If you wrote your Bigo ID incorrectly the first time, or there was a mistake in pronunciation or a misspelling in letters. Here we give you another opportunity to fix your Bigo ID.

 How do I change Bigo Live ID ?

Write to us via WhatsApp below that you want to change your bigo live account id and write your current BIGO ID. One of our staff will reply to you with the appropriate steps to change your bigo live account id as soon as possible.

Changing your BIGO ID

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