How do I edit my Western Union profile?

Western Union Online Full Account Set Up Tutorial

How do I update my email address on my profile? 

You can update your email address on your Western Union profile by visiting and following the steps below:

1.    Log in to your profile on
2.    Select your name from the menu options on top. 
3.    Enter the new email address and select Save to confirm the changes. 
4.    Verify your email address as soon as possible, the link in your email will be valid for 3 days only. 
5.    Choose Continue to complete the update.

How do I update my postal address and phone number?

You can update your postal address and phone number by following the steps below:


1.    Log in to your profile.
2.    Select your name from the menu at the top. 
3.    Enter your new postal address and phone number. 
4.    Choose Save to confirm the changes.

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