How do I unlink my epic email?

How to Link and Unlink Epic Games Account to Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch Consoles

Verify your email address. Visit your Connected Accounts page. Click DISCONNECT below the console or platform account you want to disconnect.

How to change your Epic email address

  1. Log into your Epic account here.
    When you log in you should see the GENERAL SETTINGS page.
  2. Scroll down to the ACCOUNT INFO section and click on the blue edit button to the right of your email address.
    A Change Account Email pop-up window displays.
  3. Enter your NEW EMAIL ADDRESS. Note: You have to enter an email address that is not in use on another Epic Games account. If you enter an email address that is already in use on another Epic Games account, you will get an error message that says: YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT, PLEASE SIGN IN.
  4. Click CONFIRM. A security code is sent to the current email on the account. An Enter Security Code pop-up window displays. Do not close this window.
  5. In your email inbox, locate the code and enter it into the SECURITY CODE field.
  6. Click CONTINUE. An automated email with a verification link is sent to the new email address on the account, and a Please Verify Your Email Address pop-up window will appear.
  7. In your new email inbox, locate the verification email and click VERIFY YOUR EMAIL.


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