How do you reset your Minecraft account?

How To Reset Minecraft! ( For Windows 10 & Android)

I forgot my password 

To reset the password for a Minecraft account (where you log in with your username) you need to visit and migrate your account to a Mojang account. After doing this you will be able to reset your password. 

To reset the password for a Mojang account (where you log in with your email address) visit the Forgot Password page. To reset the password for a Microsoft account visit the forgotten password guide from Microsoft. 

I forgot the email address used for my account 

If you have a Mojang account and have forgotten the email that you log in with, try resetting your password. The reset process will send an email to the address that you have registered, letting you know which address you used. Alternatively, try other email addresses that you own. If you forget or no longer have access to an email address you might have used, please contact Minecraft support.

How To Recover a Compromised Minecraft Account

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