how google analytics adwords?

How to use Analytics with Google Ads (6:30)

Google Analytics and Google Ads use different attribution models or source — In Google Analytics, all the Google Ads conversion paths (keyword path, ad …Should the number of conversions reported by Google Analytics and Google Ads be the same?The conversions (goal completions and e-commerce transactions) reported by Google Ads (AdWords) could be vastly different from the conversions reported by Google Analytics, as they both use different tracking methods. They use different attribution models, attribution times. goal conversion rates and conversion dates, conversion counting, etc.How do Google Analytics and Google Ads count goal completions?In Google Analytics, a goal completion is counted only once per user session. Whereas in Google Ads a goal completion can be counted many times per ad click.In Google Ads conversion tracking, there is no concept of user sessions.Moreover, Google Analytics counts conversions from all traffic sources and mediums. Whereas Google Ads count only those conversions which resulted from Google ad clicks/video ad views.

Google Ads tutorials: Understanding Google Analytics reports

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