How Technology Helps Engage Students in the Learning Process

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Technology has helped numerous industries improve and still does so today. Whether we’re talking about self-driving cars, 5G, or high-resolution VR headsets, technology brings a lot to society. And if you’re a student or teacher, you have not been left out. There are so many technological improvements we see in the education sector, but we’ll be going over just 4 of them in this article. So, relax and enjoy as we take a deep dive into how technology helps engage students in the learning process.

4 Ways In Which Technology Helps Engage Students

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As technology is the product of education, I’m sure you weren’t surprised to find out it has also had a positive impression on students’ lives. Learning experiences today are much better than the ones as recent as ten years ago. To drive the point home, here are 4 ways technology has helped to engage students in the learning process:

  • Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
  • 5G
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Gamified learning

1. Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

The pandemic has meant that human interactions have had to reduce in many parts of the world. If you are a teacher, this means that it becomes more difficult and expensive to plan field trips to certain places. However, through technology tools, students are able to visit electric power plants and nuclear reactors without having to leave the classroom. VR headsets are not only cheaper, but they are also expected to keep reducing in price. Also, their video quality is improving and, in the future, will allow even more realistic experiences for students.

2. 5G

If you can’t physically attend a class or an educational seminar, you don’t need to worry much longer, as 5G makes it possible to stream these events with little to no lag. Of course, you would need to get a 5G-enabled phone or laptop, but the prices for these devices are currently decreasing. This technology is also responsible for how easy it is to implement blended learning in schools today. During the early stages of the pandemic, students’ education could continue with very few disruptions, if any. However, with the increased bandwidth, students can now enjoy high-quality video and audio and not miss out on details due to technical difficulties. This makes learning more convenient and inclusive, as people with hearing and visual impairments can now better assess study materials.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, has grown a lot over the years and continues to be a source of many great things we’re seeing in education today. For instance, we have language learning apps such as Duolingo that use AI to help students learn to pronounce words better. Every day researchers are working on improving the AI technology we see today, and with the number of research we see, there’s no doubt that progress is being made. However, if you’re a student struggling to convert your research into clear and high-quality writing, then you might want to get expert help writing research paper. On the website, you will find writing assistance from experienced academic writers you can hire to handle your project.

4. Gamified learning

Reading a book or writing an essay can sometimes get boring for some students. The cycle of going to class and studying has made many students lose their passion for what they do. To aid in this, we now have apps and online learning environments that have been designed to keep students focused for longer. As we all know, games are very popular among students. One reason for this, aside from the life lessons a game can teach, is that it rewards players for the time they spend playing. Researchers and scientists have incorporated this idea into preparing their lecture materials. Nowadays, students can get points for completing a learning module, and leaderboards encourage them to do their best.

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In Conclusion

If you’re a student or a teacher, technology has made the learning process much easier for you. Whether it is better streaming quality or assisted learning through artificial intelligence, there is so much technology has done for us. In addition, this trend looks set to continue when we analyze the time and effort invested by educational institutions and governmental bodies. Many technological solutions are yet to be implemented. Technology has so much to offer every sphere of human activity, including education, that it’s exciting to think about what the future holds for us all!

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Diane Sherron is a software engineer and freelance writer. She regularly hosts online events where she’s able to guide his mainly student audience on the steps to take to enter the job market. This, combined with her passion for writing, has allowed Diane to understand better the benefits technology can have on students. When she isn’t working, Diane enjoys going on long relaxing walks.

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