How To Choose The Right Mobile Proxies For Instagram Automation?

You can select Instagram mobile proxy among the top Mobile Proxy providers, and choose according to your needs, requirements, and budget. Although mobile proxies are still the best proxies to automate Instagram, other proxies like residential and data center proxies are commonly used too. Mobile proxies are the best Instagram proxies to use when automation of Instagram accounts using bots or when there are several accounts.

Why are Proxies Required for Instagram?

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When using a proxy for accessing Instagram, the device IP and location are hidden from the proxy’s IP, which allows a user to manage more than five Instagram accounts or automate their accounts using bots. Proxies serve as a middleman between users’ computers and Instagram servers, masking a user’s real IP address with a new one. Social proxy masks the IP address so Instagram believes that you are using the real device. When using the Proxy by this provider, Instagram will not know you are using a proxy — you will appear to be an ordinary mobile user.

Which Proxy Provider Should You Go With?

Now let us pick out the best proxy providers which will fit your Instagram needs and see if we can make this cheaper. To help you pick out the best proxy, we suggest you completely disregard the shared proxy servers option and only go for a dedicated proxy provider. To find a proxy provider that suits your needs, go for services that offer mobile proxies with a free trial. This way you can test out the services and pick the one that’s budget friendly and gets the job done.

If you are familiar with setting mobile proxy/4G for Instagram, it is probably a great solution, but if you are looking to purchase a mobile proxy from mobile proxy providers, who sell IP proxy addresses that are owned by carriers directly, I would really recommend against using a 4G proxy for Instagram, based on my poor experience. Note that most of these proxy providers sell over-exchanged IPs, some of us recycled IPs for their proxy, therefore, it is recommended that each account has a proxy, but that is not mandatory, balance that according to your budget.

Instagram Automation With Proxies

When it comes to automation on Instagram, you should not use any kind of proxy, Mobile proxy is best as they provide high level anonymity and are dynamically generated, websites cannot afford to block them on others to deny access to legit users. While there is nothing wrong in accessing Instagram using other types of proxies, mobile proxies feel like a natural fit, and for anyone who is involved with Instagram automation, you should emulate using your smartphone to the extent that you can. Because of that, the majority of Instagram users that want to automate one or more Instagram accounts choose mobile proxies over other types of proxies to utilize an Instagram bot.

Other Reasons Why You Should Use Mobile Proxies For Instagram Automation

  • While Instagram does well when hunting for bots and proxy users on Instagram, they have a relatively hard time detecting Instagram accounts that are using a mobile proxy as one of their automation tools. Access makes it hard for Instagram’s anti-spam bots to identify and flag mobile proxy users, as attempts to ban those proxies would automatically result in thousands of mobile users being denied access to their Instagram accounts.
  • This effectively hides a user’s real IP address while browsing the web, meaning when managing multiple Instagram accounts from multiple locations using an Instagram proxy server with Proxy-N-VPN, you may have a minimum possibility of blocking. GeoSurf proxy servers effectively manage Instagram accounts while providing authorized IP addresses, thus, minimizing blockage chances and increasing the effectiveness of your online business and marketing campaigns. As datacentre proxies are not owned by the people using them, Instagram is capable to block the IPs of any user using the datacentre proxies, verifying IP address ownership.
  • Proxy services used to set up, manage, or automate the creation, management, or automation of multiple social media accounts while concealing the user’s real IP address are known as social media proxy services. To avoid getting banned on Instagram, social media managers use proxies to mimic the operation of several accounts running on various IP addresses.
  • People running a marketing company in a social media platform such as Instagram require a better proxy in order to make their Instagram profiles more attractive to the rest of Instagram users. To pick automation tools for businesses that want to increase their marketing in social media, a lot of Instagram automation software works better than proxies.


We recommend looking for 4G proxy services when you have lots of experience in Instagram automation and good strategies that will give you the biggest ROI. Having a proxy provider guarantee that your IP does not leak helps you to freely access platforms like Instagram.

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