How to Secure Your New Home

Moving into a new home can be a bit unfamiliar and frightening at first, but with time, you get used to the new place the more you explore. But it is still essential that you take measures to keep your new home safe from any unwanted or threatening guests. This article will provide some measures you can take for the safety of your family and new home. 

  • You might think that people don’t just barge into someone else’s home without knocking but they do. Mostly those are burglars, if not friends or familiars. That is why you should have secure door locks. If you are into smart home technology, get smart locks that you can manage through your smartphone. Smart door locks even let you see who is on the other end of the door and communicate with them.
  • You should have a security system installed in your new home. It can be a professional security system like the Xfinity home security system that offers 24/7 professional monitoring around your home and other smart home facilities (for more information in this regard, you can contact the Xfinity phone number). Or you can simply opt for a DIY security system to meet your budget. Having a security system installed allows you to keep an eye on the ongoing situation in your home.
  • Windows are also very easy to get inside through. They are very common entry points during most burglar cases. Make sure that the glass is reinforced with window security film. You could also go for installing window sensors or glass breaking sensors. These smart technologies will send alerts to your mobile phone if there is any unusual activity. Windows bar is also a good option. 
  • Do you have glass sliding doors? Those are very easy for intruders to slide in through into your home. You have window bars or dowels installed so that the doors cannot be forced open. Another option is to set up door sensors or glass break sensors that will alert if unknown persons are passing through the glass sliding doors. It is often easy to overlook it, but the glass sliding doors should be kept secure too.
  • It is very easy for burglars to sneak around in the dark around your home if there are no floodlights. That is why you need outdoor lighting around your home, in the front and back yards, along the pathways, and in other outdoor structures. You can also opt for motion-activated lights that, as the name suggests, turn on when any motion is detected. Also to save energy, schedule your smart lights to turn off during the day. 
  • The garage is often overlooked, but it is also an important entry point into your home for criminals. If they cannot access your house from anywhere, chances are that they’ll move to the garage. Always make sure to keep the garage doors locked, both interior and exterior. Also keep the garage opener in the house, instead of in the car. If you upgrade to a smart garage door opener, you can close it and have it locked, if you ever forgot to.
  • Most importantly, keep your internet connection secure. The home wireless network connection has access to all your personal and financial information. It is also connected to your smart gadgets and security system. Anyone having access to your home wireless network connection can easily hack into your system. Hence, make sure that your wireless router is secured with a WPA or WPA2 encryption.  Keep the firewall activated, install antivirus and use a VPN for private browsing. 

Take advantage of the ever-changing technology and turn your home into a smart home. A smart home will allow you to keep your home secure as well as enjoy all the features that come with it. You get to have remote control of the system and appliances around your home i.e. from your smartphone. You receive real-time alerts about any suspicious activities. If you are energy conscious, you can schedule the lights or other electrical appliances to turn off when not in use. 

Final Thoughts

Figuring out how to keep your new home secure from unwanted activities doesn’t have to be a chore. Follow the tips given in this article, research other ideas if you need to, and apply them in your home when you have it all narrowed down.

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