How to stay on top of Digital Marketing Trends

Whether you’re new to digital marketing or have worked in the industry for many years, you certainly know that digital marketing is constantly changing. One day, a specific marketing strategy may be bringing in great results, and the next month, prospects are responding well to another strategy.

Staying updated on the latest digital marketing trends will help you communicate better with your audience and ensure your impact on them remains relevant. You can also learn how to outperform your competitors by using novel strategies.

This article will show you some smart ways to be constantly up-to-date with digital marketing trends.

1. Industry blogs

There are many authoritative blogs in the digital marketing industry that publish the latest trends. Examples of such blogs include Backlinko, Hubspot, Content Marketing Institute, Moz, Ahrefs, and Neil Patel. These blogs are owned and run by the top digital marketing gurus with excellent results in their portfolios.

2. Follow industry leaders on social media

Most digital marketing influencers share expert tips on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. By actively following such leaders, you can learn a lot about the current state of digital marketing.

For example, some digital marketing experts to follow on LinkedIn are Dave Gerhardt, Chris Walker, Camille Trent, and Louis Grenier. These people publish high-quality content regularly on their accounts, and you can learn a lot about content marketing from them.

Twitter is also an excellent social media platform where digital marketing experts hang out. Many educational Twitter threads can change your marketing career for the better, such as those by Ross Simmonds.

3. Scrape the web

Web scraping is the process of using proxies to extract data from websites. Web scraping can help you identify digital marketing trends that competitors are not yet aware of. For example, if you want to learn about the latest SEO trends and you don’t have the time to go through every SEO blog on the internet, a web scraper can do this in no time.

4. Attend webinars and conferences

By hanging out on social media platforms like LinkedIn, you’ll encounter online events like webinars and conferences. If you feel that you can benefit from the webinar, sign up and improve your skills.

Webinars are usually hosted by industry experts who share top secrets to getting great results for clients annually. By attending these events, you can gain the knowledge that would have taken you years to acquire.

5. Join Slack channels

If you’re not in a digital marketing Slack group, you’re missing out big time! Slack groups allow interaction with peers from different companies and even industry experts.

In the digital marketing space, join public Slack groups like Superpath, TOFU, Online Geniuses, and Product-led Growth. These slack groups contain up-to-date information on what works in the digital marketing industry. You may even land jobs that grow your marketing career.

6. Sign up for digital marketing courses

Nowadays, there are many free digital marketing courses offered by industry leaders. And you can get a certificate of completion to share with your network and potential employers.

Companies like SEMrush, LinkedIn, Udemy, and Hubspot have high-quality digital marketing courses that can 10X your value as a digital marketer. Check the courses they offer when you are free.

7. Join email newsletters

There are many email newsletters that you can learn a great deal from. Many digital marketing experts share their 2 cents on various topics through email marketing platforms like Substack. For example, Dr. Fio Dossetto runs a Substack email newsletter where she shares tips to help content marketers improve their skills.

8. Podcasts

Podcasts are a goldmine for anyone who wants to learn digital marketing trends quickly. Industry leaders are constantly interviewed on podcasts to share their secrets about becoming successful.

By listening to top podcasts, you’ll increase your knowledge about digital marketing trends. Follow podcasts like State of Demand Gen by Refine Labs, Everyone Hates Marketers by Louis Greiner, and Marketing School by Neil Patel and Eric Siu.

9. Watch YouTube videos

If you don’t like reading blog posts or books, YouTube videos are a good alternative. Subject matter experts share their knowledge through video content on YouTube. The good thing about videos is that they are engaging, and the speakers summarize their expertise in short, precise points.

Subscribe to Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Refine Labs, and the Content Studio on YouTube to get the latest trends in the digital marketing industry. 


Staying on top of digital marketing trends makes you a high-quality marketer. You know the tactics that work and abandon those that no longer bring results. Some ways to be up-to-date include listening to industry podcasts, reading industry blogs, and following subject matter experts on social media

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