i can t even get a text back?

CEO Trayle – OK Cool (Official Music Video)

Nov 5, 2015 — The reason we feel pain when someone doesn’t text back is because it leaves time for us to ‘over-analyze’. The stuff we said. The stuff we didn’t say. Did I …82 answers  ·  21 votes: This whole thread makes me want to throw my phone away. So many comments that people who …Why do I get so anxious when someone doesn’t text …5 answersJan 11, 2020What does it mean if she takes hours to text back …4 answersMar 7, 2021How to respond to an “I miss you” text from someone …3 answersNov 1, 2021Is it okay to text someone back immediately even when …10 answersJan 30, 2021More results from www.quora.com

“I CAN’T EVEN GET A TEXT BACK!” – r/NiceGuys Most Eligible Bachelors And Best Top Posts!

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