If the analytics for your video campaign shows people are only watching the first few seconds of your video, what can you do to try and amend this?

(A) Change the colours to be more eye-catching

(B) Change how much your branding is shown in the video

(C) Update the description to tell people more about the video

(D) Delete the video and try again with edited content


If people are only watching the first few seconds of the video then it means that your descriptions are not up to the mark and Google cannot find the perfect audience for you.

In this case, you can update your descriptions with the keywords you are targeting. This will help Google to identify which keywords to rank your video for.


This question is a part of the Google Digital Unlocked and Google Digital Garage Certification exams. You can find all the latest updated questions and answers to both exams on our website in the Google Digital Garage and Google Digital Unlocked pages.

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