If you are unable to find your ad in the Microsoft Advertising Network results pages, why should you first examine the Impressions column in the Microsoft Advertising data summary tables?

(A) ​It tells you why your ad has been disapproved

(B) It tells you whether your campaign is active

(C) ​It shows the total number of clicks your ad has received

(D) It​ tells you if your ad is being displayed, even if you can’t find it


If you can’t find your ads you should first check the Impressions tab because the Impressions tab will show you if your ads are being displayed or not. If the Impressions tab shows a number then, your ads are showing if it reads 0 then your ads are not showing.


This question is a part of the Bing Accreditation Exam and the Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional exam. You can find all the answers with full explanation for both exams in our Bing Accreditation Exam Answers page and Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional Exam Answers page.

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