If you upload data from a CSV file to create a data set in Google Cloud, how can you update that data set in the future?

(A) Upload a CSV file with only the new rows of data

(B) Upload a CSV file with all the original data and additional data

(C) Click the refresh fields icon in the data source to automatically upload changes from the file on your computer

(D) Manually edit the data in the Data Studio report


You can update the data set in the future by uploading a new CSV file with new rows of data. You have to make sure that the new CSV file has exactly the same structure of fields in the same order as the previously uploaded CSV file. The new CSV file should have a regular structure of rows and columns exactly like the previous CSV file otherwise there will be an error with the upload.


This question is a part of the Assessment 1 section of the Introduction to Data Studio Assessment exam. You can find all the answers with detailed explanation for this exam in our Introduction to Data Studio Assessment Answers page.

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