Imagine your brand team supplies you with 30 visual assets (stored on Google Drive), to be shared out on all social accounts in December. The social posts supporting these assets need to be scheduled around 100 other “business as usual” social posts already scheduled in that month, on multiple networks. What Hootsuite tools/features should you use to accomplish this task? (Pick all that apply)

(A) Hootsuite Composer

(B) Hootsuite Publisher

(C) Hootsuite Streams, Published Posts

(D) Hootsuite App Directory

(E) Hootsuite Inbox

(F) All of the above

(G) Hootsuite Analytics, Shared Reports


The Hootsuite tools/features required to accomplish this task are Hootsuite Composer, Hootsuite Publisher and Hootsuite App Directory. Images can be shared to different social accounts using the Cloudview App from Hootsuite App Directory. The Cloudview app helps you share images from Google Drive to Hootsuite.

After that, you need to use the Hootsuite Publisher to schedule and arrange your posts according to the date you want to publish them. Finally, you need Hootsuite Composer to create custom posts containing images and text and schedule and publish them as you want.


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