Improve Your Online Business Security Answers (Updated 2021)

This post provides answers to all the Check your Knowledge questions and the Topic Quiz questions asked in the Improve Your Online Business Security Module from the Google Digital Garage curriculum.

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Improve your online business security Check your Knowledge Answers

In this section, you will get the answers to the Check your Knowledge questions which are asked after every lesson.

Lesson 1 – Training employees in online security

Q.1 – Lauren and Paul run a successful online business. They want their employees to become more aware of the importance of online security, but aren’t sure where to start. Can you help them identify the actions they should take?

(1) Set up regular training programmes to ensure employees stay up-to-date with security policies.


(B) NO

(2) Ensure security breaches are recorded but, to avoid panic, not discussed.


(B) NO

(3) Encourage all employees to share their passwords to make life easier for the IT team.


(B) NO

(4) Tell employees to delete unsolicited emails, and look out for suspicious emails from senders they don’t recognise or trust.


(B) NO

Lesson 2 – Securing employee devices

Q.2 – Marcela opened her first cafĂ© in 2008 and now runs four others across Dublin. Many of her staff work remotely using laptops, phones and other devices. She’s keen to set up a mobile device management policy to ensure important business information is kept secure. Which of these should she include in her new policy?

(A) Employees must encrypt every smartphone and laptop they use for work.

(B) Employees must set up a PIN to unlock their smartphones, but laptops should be left unprotected so the IT support guy always has access.

(C) Employees can have unlimited access to all company information, but must allow remote wiping of data if necessary.

Lesson 3 – Securing networks, systems and software

Q.3 – Patrick owns a few bike rental outlets across London. A few months back, he decided to invest in an online booking system and some other software to help his business run more smoothly. Recently though, he suspects there might have been a potential online security breach. What steps should he take to make his online business safer?

The correct order of steps are:

Step 1 – Create a record of all the company’s digital assets

Step 2 – Segment or split his computer network into smaller groups of systems.

Step 3 – Only transfer information between systems if absolutely necessary

Step 4 – Create a data breach response plan so everyone in the business knows what to do if there’s a security breach.

Lesson 4 – Creating a secure online customer experience

Q.4 – Abigail is an antiques dealer. She’s created a website to sell her products, and also publishes regular blog posts to raise awareness and keep customers interested. Which of the following would help make Abigail’s business and customers safer online?

(A) Moving to HTTPS

(B) Sending regular security updates to customers’ spam boxes

(C) Using a reliable email provider

(D) Ensuring her website has a high SEO ranking

Improve Your Online Business Security Topic Quiz Answers

This section contains answers to all the quiz questions asked after you complete all the lessons.

Q.1 – How might a business encourage its employees to think more seriously about security?

(A) Set up regular training programs about security policies

(B) Ensure only the most important security breaches are recorded

(C) Encourage employees to share their passwords

(D) Tell employees to circulate any unsolicited emails they get

Q.2 – What can businesses do to stay safe and secure when employees have access to important company information on their laptops and other devices?

(A) Install location trackers on all employee devices

(B) Setup a daily security update meeting

(C) Set a weekly management meeting

(D) Create a mobile device management policy

Q.3 – What’s the first step to planning your online business security?

(A) Install security patches

(B) Tell customers how they can protect their data

(C) Identify your digital assets

(D) Check the expiry date of all your software

Q.4 – What’s the main benefit of switching a website to HTTPS?

(A) It means intruders won’t understand the information being exchanged between the website and users’ browsers

(B) It means the website can use responsive design and be more user-friendly

(C) It registers the website as a commercial site

(D) It tricks users into installing malware on their device, which can be harmful


Here you will get 100% correct answers to all the questions from the Google Digital Garage Improve Your Online Business Security module. After completing this, you should check out our answers to all 26 modules of the Google Digital Garage Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course.

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