In Hootsuite Analytics, what is an advantage of sharing a report with a colleague rather than sending them a static analytics report?

(A) activities relative to your defined social media objectives

(B) reports analyze a team member’s Hootsuite activity (e.g., engagement and publishing) to pull out the metrics that are most valuable to them

(C) reports feature a built-in ROI calculator that grade your company’s social

(D) reports provide your colleagues with continuous access to real time data, whenever they want it

(E) reports include a qualitative analysis report indicating what you should do more of (and less of)


A static report gives only the data up to that specific time period whereas sharing a report from Hootsuite analytics gives access to real time data. This will allow your colleague to monitor any fluctuations in your report in real time. Make sure to set the permission to ‘Read Only’ if you don’t want them to edit the report. However, If you want them to edit the report then you can change the permission to ‘Can Edit’.


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