Influenster badge levels?

Here are all the badge levels on Influester:

Home Sweet Home: Answering Questions related to the Home/writing reviews about home products

Mr./Ms. Popular: Getting likes on questions/reviews

Curious Cat: Asking Questions

Paparazzi: Taking/Editing pictures in the app

Reviewer: Writing Reviews

Know-it-all: Answering Questions

Wellness Guru: Answering questions/writing reviews/sharing wellness products

Gamer: Answering questions/Writing reviews/ sharing about games/gaming

Environmentalist: Reviews/Answering questions/ sharing about environmental products

Master Groomer: Reviews/answering Questions/sharing products about hair

Bookworm: Reviews/Questions/sharing productsabout books

Mega Parent: I THINK this one is for reviews/questions/sharing products for babies/children

Pet Lover: Reviews/questions/sharing products for pets

Collegiate: Reviews/questions/sharing products mostly school supplies and office supplies

Good Samaritan: Reviews/questions/sharing charities

Techie: Reviews/questions/sharing technology (phones, computers, etc)

Great outdoors: Reviews/questions/sharing outdoor products (bug spray, sunscreen)

Decorator: reviews/questions/sharing house decorations and the like

Fashionista: Reviews/questions/sharing fashion (brands)

Fitspiration: Reviews/questions/sharing fitness items

Sweet tooth: Reviews/questions/sharing sweet items (candy, cake mixes, etc)

Globetrotter: Reviews/questions/sharing Travel items (cruise lines, airplane lines, Expedia and such)

Foodie: Reviews, questions, sharing food items

Pop Culture: Reviews/questions/sharing music, magazines, movies

Happy Hour: Reviews/questions/sharing liquor and beer

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