Intro to Digital Wellbeing Answers (Updated 2021)

This post provides answers to all the Check your Knowledge questions and the Topic Quiz questions asked in the Intro to Digital Wellbeing Module from the Google Digital Garage curriculum.

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Intro to Digital Wellbeing Check your Knowledge Answers

In this section, you will get the answers to the Check your Knowledge questions which are asked after every lesson.

Lesson 1 – What is Digital Wellbeing?

Q.1 – Sam spends much of his day online, and realises it’s starting to impact his relationship with friends. How might you introduce the idea of digital wellbeing to him?

(A) Digital wellbeing is about creating and maintaining a balanced and healthy relationship with technology.

(B) Digital wellbeing is about getting the benefits of technology, without the unwanted distractions

(C) Digital wellbeing is about splitting our time equally between friends and technology.

(D) Digital wellbeing is about using technology as our main method of communication.

Lesson 2 – What are the benefits of having a healthy relationship with tech?

Q.2 – Jerry multitasks across lots of different devices so he can to stay up-to-date with everything going on at home and work. It can make him feel quite overwhelmed at times. How might Jerry benefit from having a healthier and more balanced relationship with technology?

(1) He’ll be more focused and productive when he’s not distracted by his devices.


(B) NO

(2) He’ll use up less memory storage on his devices, and require fewer apps


(B) NO

(3) He’ll be more engaged in the conversations with the people around him.


(B) NO

(4) He’ll only need a single device to stay in touch with work and home.


(B) NO

Lesson 3 – Become aware of your personal tech use

Q.3 – Jane struggles to balance her relationship with technology, and wants some tips on how she can improve her digital wellbeing. In which order should she undertake the following steps?

The correct order of steps is:

Step 1 – Reflect on her digital habits by asking herself simple questions

Step 2 – Define the role she’d like technology to have in her life

Step 3 – Monitor her tech usage by using tracking apps

Step 4 – Make small changes to any digital habits that aren’t in-line with her goals

Lesson 4 – Learn about the tools and tips that can help you create a healthy relationship with tech

Q.4 – Veronica works for a software company, so technology is naturally a big part of her life. While she knows she can’t disconnect from it entirely, she would appreciate some tips for creating a more balanced relationship with her devices. Which of the following would you recommend?

(A) Only keep important apps and tools on your homescreen

(B) Respond to all emails immediately

(C) Combine your work and personal emails on one device

(D) Try to have more face-to-face conversations

Intro to Digital Wellbeing Topic Quiz Answers

This section contains answers to all the quiz questions asked after you complete all the lessons.

Q.1 – Which one of the following best defines digital wellbeing?

(A) Digital wellbeing is about using technology to control our daily routine

(B) Digital wellbeing is about spending equal time between our friends and our technology

(C) Digital wellbeing is about using technology as our primary method of communication

(D) Digital wellbeing is about creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with technology

Q.2 – Which of the following could you gain from having a healthy and balanced relationship with technology?

(A) Be more productive and focused at work

(B) Increased popularity with others

(C) Cheaper energy bills

(D) Discounts on some mobile apps

Q.3 – What’s the first step to developing a better relationship with technology?

(A) Raise self-awareness of how you interact with technology

(B) Stop using technology

(C) Set a vision for your tech usage

(D) Make changes to our digital habits

Q.4 – Which of the following could help you maintain a healthy relationship with technology?

(A) Reserving your homescreen for important apps and tools only

(B) Answering all emails immediately

(C) Combining your work and personal emails on one device

(D) Refusing any invites to join virtual conversations


Here you will get 100% correct answers to all the questions from the Google Digital Garage Intro to Digital Wellbeing module. After completing this, you should check out our answers to all 26 modules of the Google Digital Garage Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course.

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