Introduction to Data Studio Assessment 2 Answers

This article provides all the answers with detailed explanation for the Assessment 2 questions from the Introduction to Data Studio course.

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Introduction To Data Studio Answers Assessment 2

Q.1 – Which actions can you take on the Data Studio Home page? (select three)

(A) Create a new report

(B) Share a report with others

(C) Edit data source fields

(D) Connect​ to data

Q.2 – Which is the best tool to quickly visualize data that answers a specific question without saving or sharing it?

(A) Data source

(B) Explorer

(C) Report Gallery

(D) Templates

Q.3 – What can you do with the Explorer tool?

(A) Invite others to view or edit your explorations

(B) Export​ an exploration as a chart into a new or existing report

(C) Toggle between view and edit modes

(D) Automatically save all changes to explorations

Q.4 – What can you do with calculated fields?

(A) Create​ a metric or dimension using a mathematical formula

(B) Change an existing field’s aggregation

(C) Transform tables into pie charts

(D) Disable fields from the data source

Q.5 – What can an individual viewing a report do? (select three)

(A) Hover over charts to see specific data point information

(B) Filter data

(C) Select a date range

(D) Make a page-level component report-level

Q.6 – What is the benefit of using the Theme tab?

(A) The ability to adjust a report’s canvas size, grid settings, and page navigation position

(B) The ability to set consistent font and color selections for all components

(C) The ability to use templates for quick report building

(D) The ability to enable field editing in reports

Q.7 – Which components must get their data from a data source? (select two)

(A) Images

(B) Bar charts

(C) Scorecards

(D) Embedded content

Q.8 – In which ways can you change an existing field? (select three)

(A) Display the count of unique field values

(B) Change the format of a date field

(C) Display the output of a custom mathematical formula using the field

(D) Change the name

Q.9 – What must the data source owner do to allow report editors to modify data fields?

(A) Enable field editing in reports

(B) Use owner’s credentials

(C) Give edit access to the data source

(D) Prevent editors from changing access and adding new people

Q.10 – Which setting makes your report larger?

(A) Style tab

(B) Canvas size

(C) Report theme

(D) Grid settings

About Introduction to Data Studio Assessment 2

introduction to data studio assessment answers

Assessment 2 tests you with 10 questions from the second module. These are questions based on the topics of Data Studio Home Page, Data Source Overview, Report overview, and Report edit mode overview. The questions are based on simple basic concepts and you can easily clear it with our answers.


This post provides all the answers to the exam with detailed explanation. You should check the explanation for every answer to understand the concept better. You can check out our solution to other assessment exams from this course on our Introduction to Data Studio Assessment 1 Answers page, Introduction to Data Studio Assessment 3 Answers page, Introduction to Data Studio Assessment 4 Answers page, and Introduction to Data Studio Assessment Answers page.

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