Iris is under-spending on their Sponsored Brands campaign that showcases their camera line. What could they do to optimize their campaign? Select All Correct Responses.

(A) Nothing, they should leave their campaign alone as long as it’s not over spending.

(B) add more keywords to increase visibility

(C) increase bids on high-performing keywords


If your campaign is under-spending then you can optimize the campaign by three methods.

  1. Adding more keywords allows your products to get more impressions and visibility.
  2. You can increase bids on keywords that are getting the highest number of clicks and are getting you the highest conversions.
  3. You can increase your product and brand visibility by adding ASINs to the campaign.


This question is a part of the Amazon Sponsored Ads Foundations Certification Assessment. You can find answers to all the questions asked in this exam on our Amazon Sponsored Ads Foundations Certification Assessment Answers page.

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