It’s another busy day for Bushra. How can she stay on top of everything that she needs to do? Guide Bushra through these daily tasks and help her find the best solution.

Q.1 – Bushra’s just about to start work when an unknown number calls. What should she do?

(A) Answer and hope it’s not a spam caller that’ll keep her chatting for ages.

(B) Let Call Screen on her Pixel 4a transcribe the first few seconds of the call to see who it is.

Q.2 – Bushra has a little time this morning to prepare for a presentation. How could Pixel help her?

(A) Use Recorder on her Pixel 4a to record herself presenting, so she can practice her delivery and get an automatic transcript of everything she says.

(B) Use Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or other word processing apps on her Pixel 4a to type out what she wants to say so she can read it from the screen.

Q.3 – Several new employees are starting soon and will be given their own devices. How should Bushra make sure they’re ready?

(A) Manually set up each device, installing the relevant apps and setting configurations herself.

(B) Use zero-touch enrollment. Bushra can order devices through a reseller and manage them through an enterprise mobility management provider, so when employees receive a device they simply follow the onscreen steps to get started.

Q.4 – During lunch, Bushra likes to catch up on the news, social media, and the latest podcasts while she’s eating. How can she do all this at once?

(A) The 6 GB RAM on Pixel 4a means a fluid experience with fast app switching, smooth scrolling and improved animations in apps. The 128 GB storage means there’s plenty of room for all of Bushra’s apps.

(B) If you’re using lots of apps it’s best to use a laptop or tablet. Phones aren’t powerful enough to multitask between several apps at once.

Q.5 – As she heads back to her desk, Bushra notices that her battery is below 50% but she’s not sure if she has enough time to charge it before her next meeting. What should she do?

(A) Put her phone on charge and risk being a few minutes late to the meeting.

(B) Keep using the phone without plugging in. Pixel 4a comes with Adaptive Battery, which learns your favorite apps and prevents the ones you don’t use from draining your battery, so your phone can last all day.

Q.6 – A meeting attendee hands Bushra their business card, how should she make sure she keeps hold of their details?

(A) Put the card in her pocket and ask Google Assistant to remind her later to type in the details.

(B) Scan the card using Google Lens. The details will be picked up and Bushra can add them as a contact in her phone.

Q.7 – Mid-afternoon, a colleague across the country messages to ask how she is and wonders when she will be arriving for the senior management meeting next week. How should Bushra respond?

(A) Use Google Assistant and its ability to multitask between apps to check her flight details, pulling them from her Gmail, and reply to her colleague hands-free, while she continues working.

(B) Start scrolling through her emails to find the flight confirmation, getting distracted by invoice emails, before phoning her colleague.

Q.8 – Bushra gets a reminder from Google Calendar on her phone to tell her that her timesheet is due. She really needs to concentrate so that she completes it correctly and doesn’t have to stay late redoing it. How can Pixel help?

(A) Put her phone on silent, but check periodically in case her boss has called.

(B) Use the Digital Wellbeing settings so that she isn’t distracted by notifications from certain apps, while making sure that she’ll still hear it if her boss calls.

Q.9 – It’s the end of the day and it’s time to go home. Bushra gets part way home when there’s a   road closure and no obvious diversion, what should she do?

(A) Pull over to look at Google Maps on her phone.

(B) Ask Google Assistant for help hands-free while she drives, just by saying, “Hey Google, navigate home.”


This question is from the “Pixel 4a: Productivity” lesson from the Pixel 4a unit of the Google Pixel for Business course.

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