Jacob has been invited for a job interview at a company he really likes. He’s excited but also quite nervous at the same time. What tips would you give Jacob for before, during and after the interview?

Q.1 – What should he do before the interview?

(A) Prepare a list of questions to ask the interviewer

(B) Schedule a fun trip the day before to help him unwind

(C) Buy an attractive new outfit for the interview

(D) Go out partying with friends the night before to help him relax

Q.2 – What should he do during the interview?

(A) Check his phone for new messages

(B) Talk about his weaknesses

(C) Give simple one-syllable answers

(D) Be aware of his body language

Q.3 – What should he do after the interview?

(A) Immediately resign from his current job

(B) Email the interviewer to say thank you

(C) Chase the company for a decision

(D) Give up his job search


This question is a part of the Check Your Knowledge section of the fifth lesson Prepare for your job interview from the Land your next job course. You can check out all the answers to this exam on our Land Your Next Job Answers page.

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