Jane owns a florist in a small village; she has a loyal local customer base but would like to increase the reach of her business to appeal to a wider area. Networking would ensure Jane could publicise her services to others. Can you help her identify which of these situations would be classed as a networking opportunity?

(A) Attending a regional floristry group

(B) Engaging with social media

(C) Watching a video to learn further skills about garden design

(D) Meeting other people from similar businesses

(E) Buying some garden materials from a website


Attending a regional floristry group allows Jane to meet a lot of like minded people who are interested in flowers so this is a good networking opportunity.

Engaging with social media allows Jane to interact with a lot of other people interested in flowers and this is a great opportunity to network with people and generate leads for her business.

Meeting other people from similar businesses also opens up a great networking opportunity for her.


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