Javier is an ad trafficker. One of his campaigns is for a large banking advertiser that’s promoting a new debit card offering. The campaign, an order with two line items, each with different targeting and creatives, recently completed. The advertiser now wants to see campaign performance as measured by the number of impressions, clicks, and click through rate (CTR) recorded for each line item. They’d like to see this data broken down by creative for each line item. Which dimensions, filters, and metrics should Javier select to generate a report with the requested performance data?

Dimensions – Creative, Ad unit, Date

Filter – Line item, Order

Metrics – Total impressions, Total clicks, Total CTR, Total average eCPM


This question is a part of the Check your Knowledge section of the “Report on Your Guaranteed Campaigns” lesson from the “Optimize Google Ad Manager to Meet Objectives” course.

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