John is a carpenter new to networking. He is attending a networking event for the first time and is nervous about meeting people face-to-face. What steps can he take to help build his confidence and minimise stress while at the event?

(A) Plan his journey to the event

(B) Ask open ended questions

(C) Take a break

(D) Interrupt others while they’re speaking


Firstly, John should plan his journey to the event because it means he has one less thing to worry about and he can focus on getting what he needs from the session.

Secondly, John should ask open ended questions because it allows him to think about his own responses while he listens to the responses of others.

Finally, he should take a break and calm himself down. This will help him cool off his nerves so that he stays focused on the session.


This question is a part of the Check Your Knowledge section of the second lesson Overcoming barriers and gaining confidence from the Effective Networking course. You can check out all the answers to this exam on our Effective Networking Answers page.

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