Josh, an interior designer, has decided to create blog posts and share them on social media to promote his new business. He’s made a list of all of the things he should remember when writing – however, not all points on his list are correct. Can you help him identify the points that are correct on this list?

(A) Focus on your target audience

(B) Only write about the products or services you offer

(C) Be consistent in your writing style and tone of voice

(D) Add the hook to the end of your blog post

(E) The longer the post, the better


The most important thing that Josh needs to do is focus on his target audience. Since he is an interior designer, he should target people interested in designing their home interiors and not others. Another important thing is being consistent with his writing style and tone of voice. This is necessary because people can relate to someone using their writing style and it also builds a sense of trust. If he uses different writing styles then people may feel that this is not the same person who’s writing and cannot relate to him.

He shouldn’t write about only the products or services he has to offer because the audience will understand that he’s only writing to promote his products/services and not to provide value to his users. The hook should always be added at the start of the blog post to keep them engaged with the post. Longer posts aren’t better because people browsing social media networks have very short attention spans and it may be too much to read for the users and they will leave the article without reading it entirely. Instead, he should write short, precise, and relevant posts that doesn’t bore his readers.


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