Justin’s created the perfect vegetarian lasagne, and he wants to share his recipe with the world. Can you help him plan where to put a promo video so it will most effectively reach his target audience?

(A) In an email to his customers

(B) Cookery section of YouTube

(C) Websites selling speciality vegetarian ingredients

(D) Local directory listings


The best places to put his promo videos are: In an email to his customers because his customers trust him so they’ll surely open the email and click on the video link and watch the video. He can upload this promo video on the cookery section of YouTube and people who search for Vegetarian Lasagne can watch that video. YouTube may also promote his video as a Suggested Video to other users. He can also put his video on websites selling specialty vegetarian ingredients because his recipe is based on veg ingredients so the visitors to that website may be interested in watching his video.

Local directory listings are not a great place to put the video because these are only for local business listings where people go to find the Name, Address and Phone Number for a specific type of business.


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