Launching Your First Campaign In The Amazon DSP Quiz Answers

This post contains all the answers to the questions asked in the Launching your first Campaign In The Amazon DSP Quiz. This exam is based on 4 lessons and there is no time limit for this exam. You need to answer a total of 10 questions and you have to score 80% or above to earn an award.

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Quiz: Launching your first campaign in the Amazon DSP Answers

Q.1 – Which is the correct hierarchy within the Amazon DSP?

(A) Advertiser > Entity > Order > Line item

(B) Order > Line item > Entity > Advertiser

(C) Entity > Advertiser > Order > Line item

(D) Advertiser > Line item > Entity > Order

Q.2 – Once you create a new advertiser, you will need to notify your Amazon representative for approval.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.3 – You want to leverage the automated optimization feature for the majority of line items in an order, but you do have a specific need for spend on one line item. Which of the following is the best solution for you?

(A) Turn off “automatically optimize line item budgets”

(B) Turn on “automatically optimize line item budgets” and opt out that one line item

(C) Turn on “automatically optimize line item budgets” and allow all line items to be automatically optimized

Q.4 – For which reason(s) might you add a new pixel to your order?

(A) Track conversions and contribute them to the right audience

(B) Build audiences based on traffic to your website

(C) Either / both of these

(D) Neither of these

Q.5 – Which is Amazon’s recommendation regarding a line item’s supply sources?

(A) Separate line items based on the supply source

(B) Use all available supply sources for each line item

Q.6 – You want to use a targeting segment that includes (A) Age 25-24 and (B) Device tablet. Which targeting expression would you use?

(A) Including any audiences (A or B)

(B) Including all audiences (A and B)

(C) Including a single audience (A)

(D) Excluding all audiences (not A and not B)

Q.7 – Which of the following refers to the line item setting that increases delivery during the first half of the campaign (up to 25%), then up to 5% during the second half?

(A) Frontloaded pacing profile

(B) Evenly pacing profile

(C) Catch-up boost

(D) Budget cap

Q.8 – Match each campaign goal with the appropriate optimization type.

1. Return on ad spend (ROAS) – Purchase

2. Cost per acquisition – Pixel conversion

3. Detail page view rate (DPVR) – Detail page view (DPV)

4. Click-through rate (CTR) – Click

Q.9 – Which of the following is a requirement for all Amazon DSP advertisements? Select All Correct Responses.

(A) Creative must feature a picture of the advertised product

(B) Advertisements must be visually distinct from page content

(C) Advertisements must feature the Amazon logo

(D) Advertisements must have a clear call-to-action

Q.10 – Place the steps of the creative approval process in the correct order, from start to finish.

The correct order of steps is:

Step 1 – The advertiser assigns a creative to a line item that has not ended.

Step 2 – The creative approval process is initiated.

Step 3 – The creative scanner looks at the creative and the 3P vendors used in the context of the line items that it’s associated to.

Step 4 – The creative is approved or rejected.

What is Launching Your First Campaign In The Amazon DSP Course and Quiz?

This course is designed to help you create and launch your first campaign in the Amazon DSP. This course teaches you the basic steps of setting up new advertisers, new orders, new line items. You also learn how to Determine desired budget and pacing settings, Recognize the requirements for uploading and connecting new creatives, and Create a custom report in the Amazon DSP.

Launching Your First Campaign In The Amazon DSP Quiz contains 10 questions on these topics and you need to score at least 80% or more to earn an award. There is no time limit for this quiz.

Course Modules

There are a total of 4 modules in this course.

(1) Get started in the Amazon DSP.

(2) Create a line item in the Amazon DSP.

(3) Upload Creatives in the Amazon DSP.

(4) Create reports in the Amazon DSP.


This post provides 100% correct answers to all the questions asked in the Launching Your First Campaign In The Amazon DSP Quiz. You can find answers to other Amazon exams in our Amazon Sponsored Ads Foundations Certification Assessment Answers page, Amazon Retail for Advertisers Assessment Answers page, Amazon DSP Certification Assessment Answers page, Leveraging Stores for brand awareness Quiz Answers page, Sponsored Ads for KDP Authors Quiz Answers page, Amazon Attribution beta Seller Quiz Answers page, and Amazon Attribution beta Vendor Quiz Answers page.

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