Let’s say that you want to put paid advertising dollars behind any post you’ve published in the past week that contains the word “excellent”, has an image, and received over 500 Likes. What feature in Hootsuite’s Promote tool would you use to accomplish this?

(A) Automation Triggers

(B) Automatic Performance Advertising

(C) “Build Your Own” audience

(D) Post Performance

(E) Audience Discovery


This can be accomplished with the Automation Triggers feature in Hootsuite’s Promote Tool. In Hootsuite’s Promote feature, automation triggers are used for putting advertising dollars behind your published posts that meet the criteria you have specified.

In this case, the criteria specified for boosting the post will be that the post should have an image, contains the word “excellent” and has more than 500 likes. When a post meets the set criteria, the automation triggers will identify the post and automatically start the ad spending process according to the campaign you’ve set.


This question is a part of the Hootsuite Platform Certification exam. You can get all the answers to the questions asked in this exam by visiting our Hootsuite Platform Certification exam answers page.

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