Let’s say you’re a Social Marketer, and you’re about to start curating content for your organization. You’re looking for tools that will help make this job more efficient and effective. Which of the following is NOT a feature you would generally look for in such a tool?

(A) Provides content insights into what’s performing best in your industry

(B) Search for relevant conversations happening on Twitter

(C) Receive lists of content and Twitter Influencers

(D) Search for popular articles that are trending on social

(E) List of topics to avoid sharing


If you’re looking for a tool to curate content for your social media accounts then you don’t require a feature that provides a list of topics to avoid sharing. This isn’t important because you will only share a list of topics that are relevant to your business and you won’t normally share other topics. So, this feature is pretty useless for a content curation tool.


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