Let’s see if you can remember the steps to switch from an iPhone.

Q.1 – The first thing we need is a Google Account.

Q.2 – Google Drive backs up contacts, calendars and Photos from an iPhone.

Q.3 – We now need to deactivate iMessage and FaceTime on the iPhone.

Q.4 – Let’s get set up with the new Android phone! Switch on and choose a language and join Wi-Fi.

Q.5 – Finally, it’s important to choose a passcode, pattern, or fingerprint to secure the data.


The first step is to check the customer has a Google Account and, if not, create one. Download Google Drive to back up contacts, calendars and photos. The customer will then need to toggle off iMessage and Facetime and swap the SIM card over. On the new device choose a language, join Wi-Fi and download the backup. Finally, it’s important to set a passcode, pattern, or fingerprint to secure the data.


This question is from the Android Mobile Test Out module of the Android Mobile Certification (Updated) course. You can find all the answers to this exam on our Android Mobile Certification (Updated) Answers page.

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