Lily has had fun experimenting with the various social media networks but it’s time to get a little more serious. Which of Lily’s business goals can she achieve with social media?

(A) Raise the profile of the business

(B) Keep expenditure within the stated budgets

(C) Attract new customers and grow the customer base

(D) Control the flow of stock

(E) Discuss new products with customers


Lily can raise the profile of her business using social media and grow her following. As her followers share her business with others, people will start to know about her business and this will grow her followers base. As the number of followers increases, people would start to trust her and buy from her. When people share about the buying experience with others, she will attract even more customers and grow her customer base. She can use social media to discuss new products with customers by creating posts, asking for recommendations, etc.

Growing on social media requires a budget to promote posts so the expenditure won’t remain within the stated budgets. The flow of stock also can’t be controlled with social media.


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