Lily is setting up a Twitter profile for her business. She’s put together a list of the key things she’ll need to get her profile up and running. Can you check her list and cross off any items she doesn’t need to include in her Twitter business profile?

(A) A business email account

(B) Annual membership fee

(C) A company logo or photo

(D) Business description and contact details

(E) Number of employees in the business


Lily shouldn’t mention anything about the annual membership fee on her business Twitter profile because it will create an impression that she’s only trying to promote her business and not provide value to others. She will come off as salesy to others. She also doesn’t have to mention the number of employees in the business because it is not an important fact to write about. Most customers won’t bother about the number of employees working in her company.

Apart from that, she should use a business email account so that people can contact her business. A description of her business with her mission statement along with the contact details like a phone number is a must. She should also use a company logo as her profile photo. This adds credibility to the business and grows trust among her customers.


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