Lily runs a vintage clothing shop and wants to engage more with her customers online. She currently posts to two social media networks but wants to develop a full social media strategy. Review the possible options. Can you place them into the right order, starting with what Lily should do first?

The correct order for the Social Media strategy that Lily should follow is

(1) Create a Social Media Plan

(2) Set up accounts on appropriate social media sites

(3) Sign up to a Social media management tool

(4) Create a list of posts to be automatically posted in the coming weeks


The first thing you should do in any business is to develop a plan. For social media strategy, Lily has to develop a plan on which are the best Social media networks for her business and what kind of posts she should create. She should also develop a rough schedule for posting. The next thing she should do is set up accounts on all the social media networks that she wants to use for her business. After that, she should sign up for a Social media management tool like Hootsuite that automates the scheduling and posting of her social media posts. Finally, she should create a list of posts and schedule the posting so that it will be posted automatically in the coming weeks.


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