Linda’s analytics data shows people unsubscribing from her newsletter after two weeks. These people also aren’t booking rooms at her guesthouse. Linda gets some advice from her friends. Whose advice should she take?

(A) “Stop sending newsletters as people aren’t reading them”

(B) “Review the content of the newsletters to check they’re suitable”

(C) “Check you’re not sending too many newsletters”

(D) “Send more newsletters reminding customers to book a room”


She should firstly review the content of the newsletters she’s sending. If the content isn’t suitable and doesn’t resonate with her audience then they’ll obviously unsubscribe from her newsletters. She can simply send an email to her subscribers asking for feedback. She can then improve the content in her newsletters based on the feedback. She should also check the rate at which she’s sending newsletters and the amount she’s sending. If she sends too many newsletters and sends it every day then people will feel bothered and get fed up with her and unsubscribe.


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