LuxKitty wants to find new keywords to add to their existing campaigns. Which downloadable report should they use to inform their direction?

(A) search term report

(B) targeting report

(C) advertised product report

(D) performance over time report

(E) placement report


LuxKitty should use the search term report. Search term report provides details about the actual search terms entered by customers shopping on Amazon that resulted in a click on one of your ads. This report can be used to discover keywords that people searched to find your products. This report also provides keywords related to your products that people search for which you are not targeting. LuxKitty can therefore use the Search Term Report to discover new keywords to target.

Search term report also provides data that lead to ad impressions, clicks but no sales which you can remove from your campaign.


This question is a part of the Amazon Sponsored Ads Foundations Certification Assessment. You can find answers to all the questions asked in this exam in our Amazon Sponsored Ads Foundations Certification Assessment Answers page.

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