mac boot from usb windows keyboard?

How to boot a USB Install on a Mac with a windows keyboard

Mar 30, 2013 — For iMac retina, I have to plug the windows keyboard to the outer usb port and then press alt key on the left side to boot into the boot …3 answers  ·  26 votes: Things which seem to work:
• Mac mini late 2012: I had to plug the keyboard into the …mac – Are there any other way to restart to recovery …8 answersDec 5, 2016Holding down the option key isn’t allowing me to …13 answersAug 18, 2013What keyboards can reliably be used to start up …4 answersJan 7, 2019How can I boot Windows bootable USB for Mac …3 answersMay 28, 2020More results from

[How to] Enter BOOT menu on old MacBook with Windows keyboard?

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