Marcela opened her first café in 2008 and now runs four others across Dublin. Many of her staff work remotely using laptops, phones and other devices. She’s keen to set up a mobile device management policy to ensure important business information is kept secure. Which of these should she include in her new policy?

(A) Employees must encrypt every smartphone and laptop they use for work.

(B) Employees must set up a PIN to unlock their smartphones, but laptops should be left unprotected so the IT support guy always has access.

(C) Employees can have unlimited access to all company information, but must allow remote wiping of data if necessary.


Employees of the Company should always use password protection for the devices they use for work. Laptops should be protected with a strong password that others cannot guess easily. Smartphones should be protected with a PIN. Also, employees shouldn’t be given access to sensitive company data. Employees should be given access to only that data which is required for them to work. This is important to prevent any loss of information or security breaches in the company.


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