Match each of the following conversion metrics that you can use to view conversion data with the correct description.

The correct Match order is:

(1) Cost per conversion (Cost/conv.) – Tells you how much, on average, each of your conversions cost. It’s calculated by dividing your total cost by the number in your “Conversions” column

(2) Conversion value per cost (Conv. value/cost) – Estimates your return on investment. It’s calculated by dividing your total conversion value by the total cost of all ad interactions.

(3) Conversion value (Conv. value) – Is the sum of Conversion values for your “Conversions.” You have to enter a value for your conversion actions

(4) Conversion value per click (Conv. value/click) – Is your total conversion value divided by the number of eligible clicks

(5) Conversion rate (Conv. rate) – Tells you how often, on average, an ad click or other ad interaction leads to a conversion. It’s calculated by dividing “Conversions” by the total eligible interactions (like ad clicks or video ad views).


This question is a part of the Google Ads Measurement Knowledge Check Assessment. You can find all the answers asked in this exam in our Google Ads Measurement Knowledge Check Assessment Answers page.

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