Match the descriptions below with the correct Seller Central component.

Where can notification options be changed? – Settings

Where are returns managed? – Orders

Which component shows high-level insights on performance metrics? – Information widgets

Which component shows changes to Seller Central features? – Headlines and Selling Tool

Where can new products be added? – Inventory

Which component has the ability to set up automated rules that may help to be selected to present the Featured Offer? – Pricing


To change notification options, go to settings.

To manage returns, go to orders.

To access high-level insights on performance metrics, go to the information widgets.

To see changes to Seller Central features, go to the Headlines and Selling Tool.

To add more products, go to inventory.


This question is a part of The components of Seller Central chapter from the Navigate Seller Central lesson unit. You can find all the answers asked in this exam on our Navigate Seller Central Answers page.

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