Most Popular Educational Apps for College Students

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When you are planning to become a college student or already face the challenges of being a learner, the chances are high that you might be an Office 365 user or have the set of relevant Open Office tools if you are a Mac user. There are both obligatory tools that help to work in Canvas LMS or Google Classroom and those that we choose on our own. It means that we all have our selection of educational apps that help us to get things done faster or find interesting templates for a multimedia presentation. Here are some great solutions to consider as you are striving for academic success. 

Most Popular Educational Apps for College Students 

– Notability 

If you want to use something comfortable for taking notes, this should be your primary solution. It can help you put images and comments on your PDF files, Word documents, screen captures, images, and basically anything as you are getting ready to create an assignment. It can also record lectures, alert you of keywords and references, and manage your files. You can also connect to the famous Google Drive and upload your files as you share your files with other students. When you want to capture the lecture, it is one of the most efficient apps. 

– SoundNote

Another interesting app for a college student is a helpful digital buddy that will let you create multimedia presentations. The best part is that you can make sketches, compose assignments, and even record audio files along the way. It is not only meant for college, which means that it is a great tool to conduct interviews as you research things. If you are majoring in Journalism or Engineering, it’s great for taking notes and recording comments from fellow engineers as you explore various concepts. Of course, you may consider asking an expert for help as you seek a term paper for sale or require professional editing. The most important is that it has a great design and allows you to save audio files and export notes in many different formats. 

– SelfControl

As we are living through hectic academic schedules, Self-Control is a great way to overcome distractions. This app is free and does not take up your phone’s memory. It can help you to block social media and websites that are not related to your academic studies. For example, you can make a safe URL list by entering your university’s website in the white list. This way, you will be able to set a time block for about 30-40 minutes. Once the time period is over, you can access basically anything and finally have fun. It will also help you to eliminate all the browser sounds and notifications that may distract you. 

– StudyBlue

It is one of the best solutions when you need to access millions of articles, magazines, flashcards, multimedia presentations, templates, and helpful guides. You can get in touch with other students by asking each other questions, playing games, and even downloading quizzes as you participate in various educational campaigns. It is a great database that supports keywords search. Speaking of educational apps that sound inspiring and fun, you only have to enter your subject and see what is being offered. There are newspaper archives, articles, flashcards, and more. 

– Google Duo

Contrary to the popular belief, Skype and Zoom is not the only solution for audio and video calls. If you are a college student, you should consider an alternative called Google Duo. It is more secure and provides you with HD video calls. You can use your Gmail contacts list and stay safe as there won’t be any calls from strangers. It is also cheaper if your funds are limited and if you want to make paid calls. Other than that, it’s a great solution that is simple enough as you need to make a quick call as you learn. 

There Are Always Free Apps Alternatives

When you have an expensive app that you plan to purchase, make sure that you start with a free trial (if it’s available). There are also educational versions that have great discounts for students. Read various reviews online to see whether your objectives can be met before you download anything and make a payment. After all, there are free alternatives that will definitely do the majority of your educational plans. Even if you want to buy more space or require special features for educational apps, it’s usually possible to download the free version and consider premium features, which will be more cost-efficient in the end!


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