Moz Academy Backlink Basics Quiz Answers 2021

Before you get to the answers below here are some key facts about this exam.

Exam Name – Backlink Basics Quiz.

Total Questions – 10

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Moz Academy Backlink Basics Exam Answers

Q.1 – Which of the following is true about a follow link?

(A) It contributes to Domain Authority

(B) It contains a no-follow tag

(C) It always opens in a new window

(D) All of the above

(E) None of the above

Q.2 – A backlink from which page provides the most equity?

(A) – DA: 49, PA: 49

(B) – DA: 77, PA: 51

(C) – DA: 51, PA: 49

(D) – DA: 52, PA: 30

Q.3 – True or False: An increase in social media shares will directly contribute to an increase in Domain Authority.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.4 – Are placing links in comment sections of blogs an effective link building practice for building Domain Authority?

(A) Yes

(B) No

Q.5 – What type of data can you find in Link Explorer?

(A) The keyword density of a backlinking page

(B) The relevance between domains

(C) Pages linking to a competitor’s site

(D) None of the above

Q.6 – The first step to finding keyword relevant link opportunities is ______.

(A) Search my target keyword to see who’s ranking, and export the results

(B) Look at who is linking to my competitor

(C) Look for directories where I can submit a link

(D) None of the above

Q.7 – In the CSV of inbound links to top ranking URLs, which metric indicates a site’s backlink power?

(A) Spam Score

(B) Date first seen

(C) Domain Authority

(D) All of the above

(E) None of the above

Q.8 – What happens when an external website links to your page, but you remove that page, resulting in a 404 error?

(A) You still keep credit for that backlink

(B) You lose all of the credit for that backlink

(C) You lose 15% of the credit for that backlink

(D) None of the above

Q.9 – Which of the following is demonstrating value in a link building outreach email?

(A) “I believe your audience will enjoy my website ( Please take a moment to check us out – I’d really appreciate it!”

(B) “We just published detailed step-by-step instructions ( – we’ve all struggled with this the first couple times! We thought the folks preparing for their big day might find it helpful!”

(C) “We just published a new blog post, and we’re so excited that it’s going VIRAL! (”

(D) None of the above

Q.10 – How can you become a journalist’s source?

(A) Publish your content, waiting for it to get noticed and picked up

(B) Use websites such as and become an official source

(C) Stand outside of the New York Times office with a sign

(D) All of the above

(E) None of the above

What Is The Moz Academy Backlink Basics Course And Exam?

The Backlink Basics course from Moz Academy teaches How to interpret link-related metrics, how to connect content development and link building, Common link building mistakes and schemes, Manual link building outreach strategies, How to measure progress and effectiveness, and Helpful resources for link building and outreach.

The first lesson provides an overview of Backlink Basics. The second lesson explains what are backlinks and how they affect your site. The third lesson explains the process of evaluating the power of backlinks. The fourth lesson explains the different link schemes you generally see in SEO. The fifth lesson explains the process of building links and provides an overview of the same. The sixth lesson provides an introduction to the well known Moz tools used for Link Building.

The seventh lesson explains how to identify link building opportunities using relevant keywords. The eighth lesson explains the process of analyzing link building opportunities using relevant keywords. The ninth lesson explains the process of finding other link building opportunities. The tenth lesson explains the process of conducting a link building outreach program. The eleventh lesson explains how to use specific resources for conducting link building outreach. You need to take the final quiz after completing the lessons to complete the course. The course contains 11 lessons and the total content time is around 1 hour and 31 minutes.

The Moz Academy Backlink Basics quiz tests you on the information provided in these lessons. You get a certificate if you are able to pass the exam. The exam contains 10 questions. The questions are Multiple Choice type. The passing score is 80%. If you fail in the exam then you can retry as many times as you want. The certificate is valid for a period of one year.

Course And Exam Requirements

Here are the requirements for the course:

(1) A computer or a Smartphone with an Active Internet Connection.

(2) A Moz account.

Course And Exam Modules

There are a total of 11 lessons on which you are tested in this exam.

(1) Backlink Basics Overview.

(2) What Are Links?

(3) How to Evaluate Links.

(4) Common Link Schemes.

(5) Link Building Process Overview.

(6) Introduction to Moz Tools For Link Building.

(7) Identify Keyword-Relevant Link Opportunities.

(8) Analyze Keyword-Relevant Link Opportunities.

(9) Uncover Other Link Opportunities.

(10) Conduct Link Building Outreach.

(11) Link Building Outreach Resources.

Features Of The Course And Exam

The key features of this course and exam are:

(1) Moz is one of the most well known SEO tools in the marketing industry so their courses are well researched and full of value.

(2) The videos are short and very easy to understand.

(3) You get an industry recognized certificate that you can use in your CV.


You can get all the answers to this exam right here on our website. We not only provide answers, but we also provide an in-depth explanation for these answers. You can also check out our answers to other Moz exams in our Moz Academy Client onboarding Quiz Answers page, Moz Academy Keyword Research Quiz Answers page, Moz Academy SEO Fundamentals Quiz Answers page, Moz Academy Page Optimization Answers page, Moz Academy Reporting On SEO Quiz Answers page, Moz Academy Technical SEO Site Final Exam Answers page, Moz Academy Local SEO Fundamentals Quiz Answers page, Moz Academy Backlink Audit And Removal Quiz Answers page, Moz Academy The Fundamentals Of SEO Client Prospecting Quiz Answers page, Moz Academy Prepare For The SEO Client Pitch Quiz Answers page, Moz Academy Finding Potential SEO Quiz Answers page, and Moz Academy Selling the Value of SEO Quiz Answers page.

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