Moz Academy Reporting on SEO Quiz Answers 2021

Before you get to the answers below here are some key facts about this exam.

Exam Name – Reporting on SEO Quiz.

Total Questions – 10

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Moz Academy Reporting on SEO Exam Answers

Q.1 – Which of the following is true about filtering spam from your reporting?

(A) It will give you more information about spam sites’ behavior

(B) It will help you obtain more accurate data

(C) Filtering spam from your reporting will block it from your site

(D) All of the above

(E) None of the above

Q.2 – On which of the following websites is the blog on a subdomain?




(D) None of the above

Q.3 – Why is setting up cross domain tracking necessary to ensure accurate data?

(A) Traffic from other subdomains is often seen as referral traffic without correct tracking

(B) Traffic from subdomains doesn’t often convert without correct tracking

(C) Users are often unable to click from one subdomain to another without correct tracking

(D) None of the above

Q.4 – What is the most important category of metrics to focus on?

(A) Conversions

(B) Traffic

(C) Rankings

(D) Awareness

Q.5 – What do the Awareness metrics represent?

(A) Customers’ overall awareness of the keywords you’re targeting

(B) The web’s overall recognition of your brand and/or products, the first step to a conversion

(C) Your overall awareness of competitors and their traffic and backlinks

(D) None of the above

Q.6 – If the Search Visibility of Top of Funnel keywords decreases, what does that mean?

(A) Your competitors’ content targeting comparison keywords is decreasing in the rankings

(B) Your content targeting question, non-technical, low-difficulty keywords is decreasing in the rankings

(C) Your product page content is targeting the wrong keywords

(D) None of the above

Q.7 – What’s the difference between organic and referral traffic?

(A) Organic is free, and referral is paid

(B) Organic targets difficult keywords, and referral targets easy keywords

(C) Organic traffic comes from search, referral comes from other domains

(D) None of the above

Q.8 – Which of the following metrics is an indicator of a high-quality writer?

(A) Session duration of a Landing Page URL

(B) Organic sessions of a Landing Page URL

(C) New users to a Landing Page URL

(D) None of the above

Q.9 – Let’s say 12% of customers who download your “Free Guide to Installing Shower Filters” purchase a water filter for $69. What would you label as a conversion in Google Analytics?

(A) Guide download

(B) Purchase of water filter

(C) Visit to your site

(D) A & B

(E) B & C

Q.10 – Which of the following is an example of a change in traffic due to trends?

(A) An increase in traffic to a recipe after implementing schema markup to show reviews

(B) A decrease in traffic to income tax instructional content in June

(C) A decrease in traffic to water filter benefit content due to a server error

(D) None of the above

What Is The Moz Academy Reporting on SEO Course And Exam?

The Reporting On SEO course from Moz Academy teaches How to remove spam from traffic data, How to ensure cross-domain tracking is set up properly, How to set up a process for SEO reporting, Which metrics are most valuable to report on, Common reporting errors, and Helpful tools to use for reporting and assessing success.

The first lesson provides an overview of Reporting on SEO. The second lesson explains Data Quality to Remove Spam. The third lesson explains Data Quality for Cross Domain Tracking. The fourth lesson contains Reporting Worksheet and Process Overview.

The fifth lesson explains Awareness Metrics. The sixth lesson explains On-Site Activity Metrics. The seventh lesson explains Conversion Metrics. The eighth lesson explains Additional Reports & Considerations. You need to take the final quiz after completing the lessons. The course contains 8 lessons and the total content time is around 58 minutes.

The Moz Academy Reporting On SEO quiz tests you on the information provided in these lessons. You get a certificate if you are able to pass the exam. The exam contains 10 questions. The questions are Multiple Choice type. The passing score is 80%. If you fail in the exam then you can retry as many times as you want. The certificate is valid for a period of one year.

Course And Exam Requirements

Here are the requirements for the course:

(1) A computer or a Smartphone with an Active Internet Connection.

(2) A Moz account.

Course And Exam Modules

There are a total of 8 lessons on which you are tested in this exam.

(1) Reporting on SEO Overview.

(2) Data Quality: Remove Spam.

(3) Data Quality: Cross Domain Tracking.

(4) Reporting Worksheet and Process Overview.

(5) Awareness Metrics.

(6) On-Site Activity Metrics.

(7) Conversion Metrics.

(8) Additional Reports & Considerations.

Features Of The Course And Exam

The key features of this course and exam are:

(1) Moz is one of the most well known SEO tools in the marketing industry so their courses are well researched and full of value.

(2) The videos are short and very easy to understand.

(3) You get an industry recognized certificate that you can use in your CV.


You can get all the answers to this exam right here on our website. We not only provide answers, but we also provide an in-depth explanation for these answers. You can also check out our answers to other Moz exams in our Moz Academy Client onboarding Quiz Answers page, Moz Academy Keyword Research Quiz Answers page, Moz Academy SEO Fundamentals Quiz Answers page, Moz Academy Page Optimization Answers page, Moz Academy Backlink Basics Quiz Answers page, Moz Academy Technical SEO Site Final Exam Answers page, Moz Academy Local SEO Fundamentals Quiz Answers page, Moz Academy Backlink Audit And Removal Quiz Answers page, Moz Academy The Fundamentals Of SEO Client Prospecting Quiz Answers page, Moz Academy Prepare For The SEO Client Pitch Quiz Answers page, Moz Academy Finding Potential SEO Quiz Answers page, and Moz Academy Selling the Value of SEO Quiz Answers page.

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