Mr. James is frustrated with his curriculum. He feels as if most activities have the students as passive listeners that don’t have much choice or self-direction. Mr. James has set himself a goal to use Google tools in more interactive and engaging ways.

1. What lesson characteristics will increase student engagement? (Select all that apply.)

(A) Interaction

(B) Self-direction

(C) Combining multiple apps (if helpful)

(D) Access to outside resources through links


The lesson characteristics that will increase student engagement are:

  • Interaction with teachers.
  • Self-direction or self drive.
  • Combining multiple apps or Google tools if they are helpful.
  • Access to outside resources through links.


This question is a part of the Unit 7 Review of the Google for Education Advanced Training. You can find answers to all the Unit 7 Review questions in our Google for Education Advanced Training Answers page.

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