No-lag VPN – Is it the Queen of All VPNs?

While a VPN is about many things good, the lagging, even if it’s minor, irks VPN users the most. Users face a speed drop when traffic passes through the encrypted tunnel. Things are fine as long as the speed slowdown is minor.

With some poor VPNs, speed becomes so sluggish that accessing the internet becomes tough beyond one’s imagination. The promise of offering a VPN with minimum possible lag shows up as a relief. No-lag VPN is what we’re referring to here.

In this post, we will explain a no-lag VPN, how it works, and how it helps you experience the minimum possible lagging. So, stay tuned.

No-lag VPN – What Does Mean

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As the name suggests, no lag VPN ensures that lagging is on the minimum side for the end-users. Generally, gamers use such VPNs as they get to enjoy low ping and high speed. How does it achieve this? 

A regular VPN makes the entire traffic pass from the encrypted tunnel. It makes a particular speed dip. However, a no-lag VPN ensures that only a fraction of the traffic passes through the encrypted tunnel.

As this type of VPN deals with just a tiny section of traffic, the speed drop is almost insignificant.

There is one more technique that no-lag VPNs use to keep the latency on the lower side. 

The server of no-lag VPNs resides very close to each other so that when people switch to different servers, traffic doesn’t have to travel a long distance to reach the end users. (When traffic has to cover long distances, the speed automatically reduces.)

Is It Any Better Than Regular VPN  

There is considerable debate between the users of regular VPNs and no-lag VPNs. Some are finding it helpful, while others consider such VPNs a false promise. So, this section will discuss the real-world viability of a no-lag VPN and scenarios where it’s better and worse than a regular VPN.

First, let’s talk about the good things. For Warzone players, no-lag VPN is far better than any regular VPN as such VPNs:

  • Reduce latency and buffering that leads to a better gaming experience
  • Offer better protection against DDoS attacks 
  • Ensure faster speed for games and other downloads 
  • Have a better ping speed
  • Results in fewer incidences of packet loss and ISP speed throttling

All these benefits sound promising, and here is proof: 


As mentioned earlier, no-lag VPN is not always a great deal to make, as certain flaws and drawbacks of this VPN variety do exist. Look at a few issues you might encounter while using a no-lag VPN.  

#1 – It’s unwise to experience full-fledged traffic encryption and online security with a no-lag VPN. 

We are saying so because only some incoming traffic will flow through the encrypted tunnel. Specific unfiltered traffic can still reach your device. Hence, there is always a slight risk of cyber vulnerabilities.

#2 – It won’t be ‘too good’ for Geo-Restriction Bypassing

As servers of such VPNs are placed close to each other, unblocking geo-restricted content is not that great with them. You will have a tough time accessing geo-restricted content.

#3 – It may result in poor server performance 

Not all servers of no-lag VPN work with the same perfection and utility. So, it is possible that you will face bad performance in several scenarios.

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Clearly, it’s a mixed bag, and you need to set your priorities straight before starting to use a no-lag VPN. If you want improved online security, then go for the best regular VPN. But, if better speed and less latency are what you wish for, no-lag VPN could be an ideal bet to make. 

How To Use A No-lag VPN?

Well, if you have used any regular VPN before, using a no-lag VPN won’t be any trouble for you. No further technical expertise is required to get started. 

Let’s help you explain how to use a no-lag VPN with the help of ExpressVPN, as it’s a great option. 

Step #1: Go to the official website of ExpressVPN and get a suitable subscription. 

Step #2: Download the application specific to your device. ExpressVPN comes with excellent compatibility for all leading devices like mobile phones, smart TV, routers, laptops, gaming consoles, and so on. So, decide on an app and download it for free. 

Step #3: Connect to the nearest server and start enjoying less latency during streaming and gaming. ExpressVPN also provides gaming and streaming-optimized servers. Connecting to them is the best choice to make. 

That’s it. It’s as easy as clapping. No unique technical competencies are required to get started with a no-lag VPN. 

Concluding words

For streaming and gaming lovers, the whole idea of experiencing the thrill fades away as soon they experience too much latency while using a VPN. With some options, latency is so annoying that people drop the idea of using a VPN at all. But this shouldn’t be the case. 

It’s better to switch to a VPN that causes less latency instead of giving up on using a VPN. Thankfully, we have no-lag VPNs to help here. These VPNs filter only a fraction of the whole traffic and use closely placed servers. So, they are your best option when you do not want to face troubles like high latency.

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