no video output from pc?

How to Fix Computer No Display or No Signal on Monitor

7 steps · 20 min1.If your computer turns on but there’s no display on the monitor, turn your computer completely off and get down next to it before you hit the power button again. You’ll be paying attention to the sounds made by the computer and observing its initial lights closely.
If the computer is powered on and it makes it beeping sound, there are good chances that some of the internal components might be a little loose. You may need to open the computer up and double-check that its various cards and internal cables are correctly in place. You should also make sure that computer fans are going. Without …2.A tried and true techniques narrow down whether the problem is with your monitor or computer is to simply use a second monitor such as a vertical monitor or 240hz monitor. Plug this secondary monitor into the same computer without changing anything. If the secondary monitor works just fine, you know the problem is with your primary monitor.
On the other hand, if the secondary monitor also doesn’t work, chances are good that the issue is with your computer. The odds of two monitors both showing the same “monitor no signal” message are really low.3.When you turn your computer on, watch the monitor closely and note any changes that take place. If the monitor screen is powered and on but there are no changes in the display, the issue is probably not with the monitor itself.
However, if the connect and monitor display some kind of information or a startup screen and then goes blank, the operating system is probably the issue. That’s because this development indicates that the monitor can receive a signal from your computer, but the computer’s operating system is having trouble.
You may need to reinstall your Windows or Mac operating …no video output from pc motherboardpc monitor no signal detectedpc monitor no signal detected hdmino video input philips monitorhdmi no signal pchow to fix no signal on computer monitorPeople also search for

Pc is on but no monitor signal fix!

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